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Brighton mum and son share family battle with rare eye cancer

Vision Express has revealed its new Burgess Hill store, with help from local childhood eye cancer survivors – two-year-old Hunter Hill and his mum, Louise.

Diagnosed with a hereditary form of the rare eye cancer, retinoblastoma, when she was a young child, Louise Hill was left with just 10% vision in one eye and only light perception in the other.

Due to the family history, both she and her husband Robert were understandably worried when their son Hunter was born in September 2014. “There was always a 50% chance he would have it so he was tested straight away,” Louise explained.

At just one week old, Hunter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and he immediately started treatment, undergoing 18 months of laser therapy and chemotherapy to target the tumours before they could fully develop.

Now, Louise and Robert take Hunter, who turns three in September, for three-monthly check-ups to monitor his eyes. His condition is stable and has been for the past 18 months but the family will have to wait until he is around five years old, after the retina has fully developed, to find out whether his sight will be permanently damaged by his treatment.