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Students enjoy a rewarding week at Haywards Heath Fire Station

Eight students have enjoyed a rewarding week at Haywards Heath Fire Station, taking part in our latest FireBreak course.

The youngsters have not only spent the week getting to know each other, but have taken part in unique activities such as ladder drills, hose running and HeartStart first aid training.

Their exciting week concluded at a Pass Out parade today, where the students performed skills that they had learnt throughout the week to a proud audience of family, friends and teachers.

Neil Stocker, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, presented the graduates with awards of achievement. During the ceremony he said, “I feel really proud and humbled to be standing here today, meeting these young people.

“The fact that all of you can now go into your community and help out, whether that be with your HeartStart qualification to save a life or through valuable lessons that you have learnt this week, is amazing and demonstrates the commitment you have all shown .”

“It is great to welcome another eight people to the FireBreak graduate family, really well done.”

Tony Hills, Lead Instructor, commented: “The students should be really proud of their achievements. The determination and dedication that they have shown this week has been outstanding and I feel very proud to have watched them flourish as the week has progressed.”

A special mention goes to Bradley Springford who received an award for ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement’ and to Samuel Hoodless who received an award for ‘Commitment to Team Objectives’.

One of the FireBreak graduates, Connor Murphy, gave a speech at the Pass out, “All of the people on this course have overcome challenges, taken on new opportunities and worked to their complete potential.