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Sussex Police are recruiting!

Sussex Police opens their latest recruitment drive , seeking applications for the role of police constable.

Being a Police Constable is a unique job making a real difference to people’s lives on a daily basis. It offers areas to specialise in such as: becoming a detective, a firearms officer, a dog handler, working in public protection or specialist investigations.

Deputy Chief Constable Bernie O’Reilly said: “When you become a Police Officer you will be helping to make Sussex a safer place to live and work from day one. It’s well known that organisations with a diverse workforce perform better; your career in the police force will form a vital role in representing all the communities we serve.

He added “If I could turn the clocks back 29 years I would join Policing again in a heartbeat. I have the pleasure of working alongside some fantastic colleagues across Sussex Police – you could soon be one of them.”