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Naturally energising drink TENZING has launched the TENZING Clean Air Tracker – a free tool for runners to use on their mobile devices.

Runners breathe much more heavily than pedestrians and flood their lungs with pollutants. This tech helps health-conscious runners avoid the most polluted areas and streets of the Big Smoke!

The tracker (developed with Kings College London) syncs with running tool STRAVA to show the live Air Quality Score of the user’s route – raising awareness about the issue of air pollution in the capital as well as a solution for the growing running community.

They also hold a free weekly Clean Air Run Club


TENZING Clean Air Run Club

A free high energy, clean-air 7km – 10km weekly run

TENZING brings a breath of fresh air to London’s running scene.

With the amount of pollution in our city beginning to mitigate the health benefits of running, TENZING has turned to greener pastures. They’ve mapped them. Let’s run them!