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Bikeability shows Chichester patients the benefits of cycling

Hospital patients have been shown the benefits of cycling through a Bikeability and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust initiative.

Patients at the Chichester Centre, a specialist mental health inpatient hospital, have received on-road cycle training and basic bike maintenance tuition from the county council’s Bikeability team.

Ed Clark, council Cycle Training Development Officer, said: “The initiative was for patients aiming to gain the health benefits from cycling as well as the independent travel it provides.

“We have sourced and built a small range of cycles for varied use and have supported the Chichester Centre with the purchase of bikes and helmets for the project.

“The sessions have focused on trainees’ route planning, taking into account each individual’s travel needs. This could be a journey into town or the park and, eventually, longer journeys, such as the daily commute – things some people may take for granted but can be a real boost for health.”

The Chichester Centre is a purpose-built hospital for people who need rehabilitation and treatment within a secure environment.