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From Sydney to Wembley Park – one dog’s epic adventure!

With World Animal Day on 4th October, the introduction of the first pet-friendly building, Landsby, from lifestyle-led rental homes brand Tipi in Wembley Park, saw an influx of pet owners looking for stylish, contemporary rental homes that would welcome them and their furry family members.

Valeria and her three-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Luna, were two of those who sought Tipi out due to its progressive pet-friendly policy.

Valeria Sandival, resident, Tipi said: “We were really struggling to find a dog-friendly place. Then we saw the Tipi ad on the tube while we were apartment hunting. We looked it up and instantly wanted to come and check it out since it was beautiful, new and accepted dogs.”


Valeria moved to the UK from Sydney, Australia, where Luna was born, moving into Landsby in December 2018. Tipi’s pet-friendly approach was a key reason for her choosing to live there.

She has found the building well suited to pet-owning residents for a number of reasons, such as the thoughtful design meaning dogs have access to the grassy Elvin Gardens on their doorstep.

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