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How Companies Can Hold on to Their Workforce

A consistent workforce allows businesses to guarantee a service, and offer consistency to their clients. After studies have highlighted reasons for people choosing alternative employment Future Generation Marketing are urging businesses to act, or face losing their best workers to the competition.

With over 1000 UK workers being studied, it was found that two-thirds have quit a job in the past, men recorded a higher figure of 68%. The survey also considered the reasoning for leaving their roles. Top reasons included; 52.1% found a better opportunity. 13.9% cited a clash with management, 6.6% wanted a career break or to try travelling. 5.8% were unhappy with their working environment. And 4.4% left to study. One finding of the survey which was alarming was that 89.4% of working professionals were never shown the procedure for departing.

Future Generation Marketing is working hard to ensure the most important points are addressed in their office. Recruitment can be costly to business resources, from induction and training costs and time and ever increasing agency fees. It makes little sense for companies to overlook the maintenance of a positive working environment. The firm takes the time to gauge satisfaction levels in the office, with an open-door policy everyone is encouraged to share any concerns or queries as they arise. Understanding the external commitments of its contractors, flexibility is offered, and personal development opportunities are plentiful with daily workshops centred around upskilling individuals and creating opportunities for additional responsibilities to be undertaken. The firm is well known for rewarding hard work and achievements, and weekly team building evenings to boost team spirit and interpersonal relationships.

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