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Initial support for Haywards Heath traffic proposals

Feedback from residents has shown support for proposed traffic measures in four Haywards Heath roads, with the aim of reducing speeds and discouraging unnecessary through-traffic.

In May, letters and overview drawings were distributed to 450 homes and businesses in Queens Road, Church Avenue, Gordon Road and Bridge Road asking for opinions on introducing a 20mph limit in these roads, and installing speed cushions (pairs of mini speed bumps) in Queens Road. The proposal also includes a 7.5-tonne weight restriction (except for access) in Queens Road, between Mill Green Road and Bridge Road. These suggestions were also publicised through the county council’s ‘Have Your Say’ internet page.

Of the 88 replies, 69 were for and 19 against speed cushions; 75 were in favour and 13 against the 20mph limit, and 83 supported and five opposed a 7.5-tonne weight restriction (except for access).

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