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Meet London’s best kept secret …The Invisible Boob Job!

London’s best kept secret, The Invisible Boob Job, is offering women more natural looking breast augmentation with tiny scars.

Breast augmentation has long topped the polls of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, however, in the past many women have been put off by the thought of unnatural looking results and obvious scars.

A recent survey carried out by The Plastic Surgery Group found that 63% of women considering a boob job stated their biggest fear about the procedure was the scarring.

The leading cosmetic surgeons behind The Plastic Surgery Group, Mr Dan Marsh and Mr Mo Akhavani, have made it their mission to travel the world in search of the latest and most innovative techniques in aesthetic surgery and bring them back to the UK.

Their aim is to minimise both surgery time and down time for their patients while achieving results that are natural. One of the most exciting new additions to their armamentarium is The Invisible Boob Job.

So-called because of its virtually non-existent scarring, the Invisible Boob Job uses a “Keller Funnel” to allow the surgeons to place even the most sizeable implant through a small hole the size of two pound coin.

Marsh explains, “The Keller Funnel allows you to do a breast augmentation through a tiny incision that’s 3cm or less, which is hidden in the crease in the breast. Most incisions are 5-7cm, but with the Invisible Boob Job the scars really do fade away to almost nothing. It has revolutionised how we do breast augmentation.”

What’s more, the use of the funnel is more suited to smaller and therefore more natural looking implants, something that goes hand in hand with the demand for more natural results women are wanting today.

Akhavani adds, “We have noticed that most of our breast augmentation patients are now preferring implants in the 250-320cc range. Thankfully I think the days of 450-600cc implants are gone. We tend to see people asking for slightly more subtle looks. It looks full, it looks nice, but there’s that ‘has she, hasn’t she?’ aspect, that’s why we call it The Invisible Boob Job!”

Marsh agrees. He says, “You can see on social media and on Instagram that the body trend is for healthier, fitter bodies and as such women want a more natural look.

“Most of our implants are placed in the dual plane position, which means the implant sits part under the muscle and part under the breast tissue. It gives you a more natural look as it covers the top of the implant so you can’t see or feel the implant edge. No more the fake, ‘stuck on’ appearance”

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