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Nineteen teams of University of Sussex students have raised almost £8,000 for national and local charities

Intrepid students travelled a third of the way around the globe without spending a penny in a country-hopping charity fundraiser.

Nineteen teams of University of Sussex students have raised almost £8,000 for national and local charities after taking part in the first ever Sussex Jailbreak.

Challengers were given 36 hours to get as far away from the university’s Falmer campus as possible without spending any of their own money.

Participating students used their ingenuity and powers of persuasion to travel as far away as Malta, Norway, Iceland and Venice in Italy.

In total they travelled more than 14,000km and have raised thousands of pounds for the Alzheimer’s Society, the Clock Tower Sanctuary in Brighton and Turn2us.

Friends Amy Turner, a 19-year-old philosophy student at Sussex, Tasneem Nagri, 19-year-old biology student, and Alexandra Kirkpatrick, 18-year-old psychology student, managed to make it to both Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway, within their day and a half escape and raised more than £200 for the Clock Tower Sanctuary.

Tas said: “Scandinavia wasn’t the plan at all. Our original plan was to stay on campus for a while, trying to raise money at the open day, before flying somewhere cheap and warm like Spain. Instead, when they shouted ‘go’, we got too enthusiastic and ran off to Gatwick with a short but worthwhile stop in Lewes.”

The trio raised the £29 needed for all of them to take a 6am flight to Oslo by selling heart-shaped lollipops to Italian school girls in Covent Garden and Leicester Square and through donations to a PayPal account they set up. They took an eight-hour bus ride into Stockholm, arriving in the Swedish capital two hours before the end of the challenge.

Tas said: “Overall this experience has been a fantastic adventure (despite the sleep deprivation from having only seven hours sleep from Saturday morning to Monday night) and one we will never forget. We recommend this challenge to anyone and everyone, especially those who want to travel.”