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Romet Group’s CEO slams “turbulent markets” as BREXIT fiasco continues

Dogan Kaya, the eccentric CEO of leading hospitality firm Romet Group has slammed the turbulent markets across hospitality and the food industry as the Brexit fiasco continues.

With just some 44 days to go until the planned Brexit date of October the 31st there seems to be no clear sign of which way things will go, before UK’s parliament was prorogued earlier this month MPs took over parliament to unanimously vote to block Prime Minister Boris Johnson from pushing through a No-Deal Brexit.

Kaya whose business has felt the squeeze during this time told us “It has become increasingly frustrating and very unpredictable for businesses across the UK to plan for the future and to budget accordingly as trade has weakened due to none of us knowing what will happen with Brexit.”

Kaya added “In hospitality and food my brands are facing very turbulent markets where one day its extremely busy and the next it is extremely quiet, weekend days where some of my restaurants would be pre-booked weeks in advance are growingly becoming unpredictable and this is worrying going forward.”

Romet Group control restaurant brands such as Pivaz Restaurant, Apricot Foods, Venerdi Restaurant, Bella Vita restaurant and are due to open new Italian eatery FIGO in Stratford’s Westfield Shopping Centre next month.