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Variety and Diversity in Art Highlighted as Sussex Event

Variety and diversity are the watchwords for the Anima Event at the Brockenhurst Community Centre New Forest on Saturday 30 September. This is most certainly true of the elements gathered together for the art exhibition which is an integral part of the event.

Digital artist Paul Windridge

Paul works in moving image and sound. He is a short film and music maker, exploring what we perceive to be reality then presenting it as something completely different. His visual work is centred on the atmospheric distortion of time and space – on ambiguity, experimentation and abstraction, in order to open up the possibility of multi-dimensional filmic universes, and to suggest there may be more to the world than most people imagine.

Having started his creative life as a painter he is as much concerned with the still image as the moving, and his desire is to be able to stop his films at any point and for that single one twenty fifth of a second still frame to be good enough to stand as a still image in it’s own right.