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Venson urges company car drivers to ditch their vehicles for London’s ‘Car Free Day’

With 38.4 million vehicles on Britain’s roads[1], it’s hardly surprising that harmful emissions are having a negative impact on the nation’s health. Addressing this issue, this Sunday 22nd September 2019, London is following in the footsteps of Edinburgh and Paris with a Car Free Day to encourage drivers to seek out alternative means of sustainable transport for one day. Committed to promoting ‘greener’ driving, Venson Automotive Solutions is urging company car drivers to consider ditching their car for the day.

When it comes to driving in London, research[2] carried out by Venson found that 34% of motorists already opt for public transport over driving, with nearly a quarter (24%) choosing public transport to avoid the Congestion Charge. Nearly a third (30%) use public transport because it’s quicker for getting from A to B with just 7% preferring to drive.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson Automotive Solutions comments: “As the London Car Free Day takes place on a Sunday, it’s a good opportunity for car drivers to test out if they truly need to jump in their vehicle. Instead they can try out other means of transport.”

For the event, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has vowed[3] to close 20km of roads around Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the City of London so city dwellers can get a taste of city life with less cars and less pollution.

“Having a car free day gives motorists an opportunity to reimagine their city car-free”, continued Alison Bell.  “Car Free Day is marked across the world and it is hoped that the day will help encourage the change in behaviour needed to meet the Mayor’s ambitious target of 80%[4] of all journeys to be taken via sustainable modes of transport by 2041, compared to 63% today. And that, of course, includes electric vehicles.

“With the Government’s push on encouraging motorists to switch to electric vehicles, the good news is that 39% of company car drivers would consider an electric vehicle as their next vehicle.  However, it’s not surprising that 69% of drivers say the lack of charging points puts them off electric vehicles, and half said they were put off by the limited mileage range.”