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Will artificial intelligence (AI) make call centres obsolete?

The call centres of the future will combine robotics and digitalization with human empathy. AI will transform the traditional call centre model by combining artificial intelligence and human empathy. Call centres will aim to deliver an intelligent and high-value experience to its users, with highly competitive costs.

How to achieve this new experience for consumers/users while improving the recognition and appreciation of brands by forgetting the frustration produced by automated attention or attended by agents not oriented to the consumer experience?

  1. The language

The use of natural language through artificial intelligence will allow users to engage in intelligent conversation, in their own language, tone, and speed at any time and by any channel (mobile, telephone, web or chat messaging).

The new generation of virtual assistants will be able to automatically resolve a large part of these interactions, which could reach 80% in the short term. This is nowadays served in a call centre and will reinforce the importance and the added value of the agents.

The real disruption in this area will occur when the customer experience between being served by a person and a virtual assistant (bot) is equivalent.

  1. Hyper personalization

Through the use of big data and predictive analytics, these virtual agents will be able to anticipate problems, needs or potential queries from users, while at the same time they will have engines for recommending solutions based on machine learning.

But they can also suggest and advise in a personalized way, under a Hyperpersonalization model much closer than the contact with the agents of the current call centre outsourcing model.

  1. Efficiency

One of the elements that motivate a large part of the frustration in interactions is the user’s feeling of the impossibility, in many cases, to successfully complete his request in a single dialogue.

Thanks to the robotics, the resolution of interactions will be automated, enriching the agent in its processing – either in the front or in the back-office. For this, it will be necessary to develop a new model of integration with the transactional and legacy systems of organizations through the amplification of many of their services.

With due training, virtual assistants and recommendation engines will be able to automatically resolve a large part of these transactions.

  1. Empathy

In this new intelligence experience centre, human being matters a lot. This new IExC will not be empty of human beings, as some predict, but will be managed and operated by agents of high value, content, and training (linguists, data scientists, bot trainers, etc.).

They will be less in number, yes, but with better remuneration. Freed from the repetitive transactional load and the operational complexity of the procedures, they can focus all their attention on the advanced development of relationships and customer loyalty.

The current specialization in applications or transactions will give way to a new agent profile in which empathy will be the most valued skill.

In summary, over the next few years, we will witness the emergence of the new IExC that will progressively replace the traditional call centres, providing important improvements in consumer satisfaction, recognition and appreciation for the brands that implement them.



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